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Macco espresso 9 Sorry Just Sold!!!!

The Macco made by Carimali is a high end professional machine that is extremely forgiving for even the most inexperienced novice. High set groups allow dispensing direct into tall take-away cups. A 14.5 litre boiler ensures that even with constant use there should be no noticeable drop in performance. I currently have an example that has come direct from a showroom with no use.

Iberital L'Adri

The L'Adri is the ideal choice for the busier coffee outlet. A massive 20 litre boiler and 3 groups ensures a constant supply of steam and hot water. This example is ideal also for take away cups as it is a taller machine, allowing dispense direct into large disposable cups

Astro Instant

Instant Coffee Machines AvailableThe Astro Instant is the new hot drinks machine by Necta ideally suited to medium or larger sized locations. With its curved front door and backlit photographic panels, Astro suits the most design conscious workplace - with the added advantage of a compact footprint. Astro offers a wide choice of drinks to suit every palate.

Coffeefix pre used price £1275.

Rheavendors Lioness

Small compact instant coffee Machine Rhea-lionessThe ultimate in portable dispenser solutions. The machine has a portable water cistern allowing the machine to be sited anywhere where a 13A socket is available. Despite the small size, the machine is still able to make a full range of drinks. This model available for £500

New equipment is constantly coming in. Please contact me with your requirements