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What services do coffeefix you offer

We have 20 years experience with vending and coffee,we sell, fix, service and train clients on all aspects of coffee and vending machines.

If I need a machine serviced can you do this?

Yes, all we need is the machine make and model

If I have a problem with my machine can you fix it.

We can fix it, we offer a rapid response service. We normally fix on site. But if there is a large problem we can not fix we can offer a replacement machine until we have fixed yours. We offer an emergency call out service for evenings, Bank Holidays and weekends.

Are you affiliated with Cilydd?

Cilydd are an independent cooperative of businesses based in North Wales with strong ethics. Coffeefix are associated with Cilydd and we offer special rates for servicing members Traditional 1-4 Group Machines. So you do not miss out on the discount when you ring to book a service, remember to let me know. If you would like to find out more about Cilydd visit their site

What will it cost to call you out

Our call out fee is £60.00 inclusive for the first 15 mins on site. There after £10 for every 15 mins. Parts extra. I can be called out weekends/evenings please inquire about rates before booking the call.

What machines do you fix and sell

We fix or sell most espresso/ instant make, model in any area

We sell refurbished and new equipment

Which machines do you sell?

All major brands

If I buy a coffee machine how will I know how to use it?

We offer training with every machine we sell. Or can give training with your existing machine. We can teach you and your staff easy to follow steps.

We would like a coffee/vending machine but can not afford one at the moment.

On some busy local sites with vending we can offer a no cost option to you. Where we place the machine, we fill it and we pay you a peppercorn rent for the space. After a few months you have the option to buy, most people do as they want to benefit from the profit.

We have 0% interest rental packages on refurbished traditional machines. We cab arrange a installments to suit most budgets.

I am coming out of a lengthy coffee contract. If I buy a machine from you will I be tied in.

Owning your own machine gives you freedom from ties to coffee suppliers and gives you the option to negotiate your own deals on ingredients.

Traditional free-on-loan packages can tie you in for up to 5 years, paying a premium for ingredients which in these times can seriously affect your margins. We are happy to recommend local suppliers and roasters who offer great products and great prices.

Can I come a view the machines?

Yes we have s small showroom where you can view the machines and see some of them working.

I don't have a cafe but have a business where I could place a machine what can I expect to make?

Vending/coffee machines are a fantastic source of extra income, if you purchase a pre-owned machine most people have made the price back within a few weeks in high season. Coin operated coffee machines are also a fantastic earner. If you sell one cup of coffee you can earn 90p profit per cup. A small table top machine holds nearly 300 cups and even in quieter times if you go through 50 drinks it will give you £45 extra profit for little effort and they take a small amount of space. Customers love them as they can access drinks 24/7.