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FAS Baby

Fas Baby small vending machineTight on space but still want to be able to maximise your sales potential? Here's the answer. The FAS Baby is the default choice for small space but high capacity vending solutions. The equipment can be used as a standalone machine or paired with a small table top coffee system to offer a huge selection of snacks and drinks in a convenient package. (Note - Stock Photo, available model is configured for snacks only). Available for £1000

Azkoyen Palma M87

There is an old saying that says less is more, but just imagine how much more, more is! That's exactly what you get from the Azkoyen Palma M87. This is the biggest snack machine in the Azkoyen M range.

Its unique highly attractive curved glass front gives it a distinctive identity. It has a full view glass window for the snacks on the left hand side .

At 213 cans (6 selections) it has one of the largest drink capacities of any standard combo vending machine on the market and still has 6 double spirals and 8 singles in a dual temperature zone for the snacks.

It is a Premier Model Machine Outdoor Rated allowing it to be sited outdoors undercover.

Heavy duty galvanised steel plate cabinet that will not rust if scratched and a top security door with triple glazed front panel are just some of its many features. Ideal for the more challenging public area environments. I have just taken delivery of this example and once prepared will be available at £1500, including free local delivery.

UAA Lux Line

On a tight budget? Need a snack machine that just has to work? I may have the answer.I have just taken delivery of a large capacity snack machine from this manufacturer. Not pretty but will take money and dispense chilled product. Priced to sell at £400